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GearVR Testing Signup now Available.

Vendetta Online for GearVR is about to enter a round of pre-release testing, open to players who already have the required hardware (the older Galaxy Note 4 is not supported). The list signup can be found here:


For any who are unfamiliar, the Samsung GearVR is a VR interface for certain Samsung phones. Our game specifically supports the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 Edge, S7 Edge, or Note 5. Those are currently the only phones currently supported in GearVR by Vendetta Online with mobile VR.

Although the idea of mounting a phone to your face may sound kind of silly, the GearVR actually works really well, and is pretty impressive.

We also strongly recommend a bluetooth gamepad! Like a SteelSeries, Moga Pro, Razer, Nyko, or other. The absolute cheapest bluetooth gamepad is this Sminiker thing from China, which we've never tested, but some people claim is actually usable (probably if you get one that works, which is sort of the risk with bargain off-brand hardware from China).

We have gone to great lengths to make it technically possible to play the Vendetta Online without a gamepad on the GearVR, to at least give an introductory appeal to a large market-share that doesn't have gamepads. But the gameplay experience is substantially degraded compared to what you can do with a gamepad. Any serious VO player should have a gamepad, with GearVR.

Once we accumulate some testers, we'll push out Keys to people, which may then be redeemed via the Oculus App on your GearVR-enabled phone.