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Vendetta Online 1.8.386-393

We've had a lot of updates over the last couple of months, but as they've mainly impacted the non-public GearVR version, we hadn't been as attentive to updating our newspost Changelog. Last week, however, we made some broader changes:

VO 1.8.393 included:

- Self-defense mechanism now propagates to the capship and all crew members if any member triggers it. If anyone docks before the self-defense timer expires, it will also propagate to them. The victim will be able to defend theirself without faction penalty from anyone who was ever inside the capship during the self-defense time.
- Fixed crash/lockup at startup on Linux64 version.
- Updated Oculus Rift version with updates from Gear VR.
- Minor bug/crash fixes.

This addressed a meaningful gameplay bug that, while we had been aware of it, we simply didn't have the development time to address it this summer. Now, however, we're working diligently to track down and iron out a whole list of long-standing bugs, before moving ahead on other areas of gameplay.

Prior to last week there were a variety of patches, mostly for GearVR; although many of the efficiency changes and engine optimizations we made for GearVR will also improve other platforms, like the regular Android/iOS builds, and even the PC versions:

*** Vendetta 1.8.392.2-386
- Fixed crash on Gear VR version when a gamepad is connected when
the game is starting up.
- Fixed issue with not being able to select ships to purchase in
the Gear VR version.
- Improvements to Gear VR version for gamepad detection.
- Confirmation menus can now be closed without having to look directly at the close button in VR.
- Left/Right shoulder buttons now properly change interfaces when looking at the nav map in VR.
- Selecting news items now automatically bring up the news article instead of having to double-tap or press the 'Read Article' button in VR mode.
- The 'Back' button now takes you out of a turret in addition to double-tapping in Gear VR.
- UX improvements for Gear VR.
- Gear VR version now uses ASTC compressed textures and load-time has been reduced.
- Fixed lua error when using a gamepad's D-pad as the first action in the virtual keyboard on Gear VR.
- Fixed issue with not being able to get to Gear VR Universal Menu from the login screen.
- Improved stability of Gear VR version on Galaxy S7 devices.
- Reduced loading times on Gear VR.
- Increased efficiency of font rendering on Gear VR.
- Changed how the Back button functions on Gear VR to conform to Oculus requirements.
- Added experimental Speech-To-Text feature to the virtual keyboard on the Gear VR version.
- Fixed issue on Gear VR version when exiting through Oculus Menu and then rerunning VO quickly would cause VO to not start properly.
- Fixed lua error on iOS and Windows Store versions under certain circumstances.
- All tutorial missions specific to GearVR and Game Controllers have been re-worked to be more Text To Speech compatible.
- Fixed a problem with controller inputs being stuck after receiving a call on GearVR.
- Further improved the login menu background for GearVR.
- VR Cursor is now a white circle, similar to the Oculus Store.
- Added support for "T3 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Gamepad Gaming Controller" with digital trigger controls.
- Added 'Convert Account' button in the Options menu that only appears when you haven't connected an email address to the account.
- Updated the VR Login menu scene.
- The radar controls rotation on the HUD have been fixed.

And more to come..