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Vendetta Online 1.8.394-395

VO 1.8.395 includes:

- The Goliath has been added to random NPC convoys.
- Gear VR version now applies a dead-zone to the analog triggers on gamepads; this mitigates flawed controllers with non-zero "button-off" states, and helps prevents spinning in space.

VO 1.8.394 previously included:

- Mines and cargo crates can no longer be laid inside of asteroids or stations.
- Players are now moved outside of asteroids if they are found to be inside of one when they log in.
- Self defense ability is now given to all crew-members of a ship so they can defend themselves. It is applied at the time of the attack and does not propagate to players who dock after the attack, unless the ship is attacked again.
- Fixed capship station docking bay zone sizes and other misplaced station components.
- Added Goliath assets for future debut.

The Goliath is getting ever closer to production usage, now appearing in automated trade convoys for the first time. We're also putting time into fixing and mitigating issues related to our recent platform releases, like GearVR. We intend to dedicate more time to content and gameplay related changes, as things begin to stabilize post-release.

As always, if you experience any problems, please post them to our Bugs forum, or submit them via a Support Ticket on our website. That's a much more effective way of reporting issues than using a review-system, as we have no way to contact people who post "reviews" on the Oculus Home, to ask them for more information.

Have a great weekend, everyone!