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Vendetta Online 1.8.399-400

*** Vendetta 1.8.400
- Updated the crystal intro menu to better explain the Free-To-Play business model.
- Added Speech-To-Text feature on the virtual keyboard for Android. It requires a Play Store App update.
- Added Text-To-Speech for mission text for Android. It requires a Play Store App update.

*** Vendetta 1.8.399
- Improvements to analog stick sensitivity is now applied to all Android versions.
- Fixed launch bay positioning on the Goliath so your ship doesn't scrape the side of it when launching.
- Removed unused device selection controls int the Voice Chat settings menu for Android.
- Updated OpenSSL library on Android.
- Updated the voice-over for the Offline Training Simulator's Ring tutorial intro menu.
- Fixed a couple of uncommon lua errors.

Lots and changes and improvements for Android, coming from developments made for GearVR. Have a great weekend, everyone!