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Vendetta Online 1.8.401-405

We've run a little behind on posting updates to News/RSS over the holidays, but there have been quite a few changes. Also, be sure to check out the latest Vendetta Online Newsletter:


VO 1.8.401-405 included:
- Gear VR 'Stop Ship When In PDA' setting is now saved on exit.
- Ships launching from the Goliath no longer scrape the sides of the launch bay.
- Fixed issues with resetting the calibration of the Left and Right Triggers on Android gamepads (also for GearVR).
- Increased timeout length of DNS server name resolution to 30 seconds.
- Added IPv6 Support option in Network Settings to disable it if there are problems connecting to the game server.
- Fixed lua error when taking missions and 'Mission Text To Speech Volume' audio setting is set to Mute.
- Android version now defaults to first-person flight mode for new installs.
- Text-to-speech is now disabled for Training V and Hive/Border skirmish missions.
- Music and sound effect volume is now lowered while Speech-To-Text or Text-To-Speech are active.
- Removed extra highlighted gamepad controls in the help menu before the Rings tutorial.
- Fixed Mission History list control to work properly with controller and/or headset in VR.
- The selected Nation logo in the character creation menu is now highlighted.
- Fixed issue with being unable to equip Goliath Powercell to the Goliath after un-equiping it.
- Fixed issue with preferring IPv6 over IPv4. IPv4 is now preferred on Android platforms.
- Fixed issue with mission log Text-To-Speech setting not being saved on Android.
- Internal changes to support new Android APK expansion files for the Play Store version.
- Fixed issue with power cell sometimes not recharging after jumping into a sector.
- Fixed issue with text-to-speech and recorded voice-over playing at the same time for the Training I mission on Android.

As mentioned in the Newsletter, the new Goliath light freighter is in testing with our "Long Term Subscriber" users. We recently increased the Goliath's cargo capacity to 600 cu, and improved the docking and launch bays, more tweaks (graphical and otherwise) may be coming prior to final "removal from testing" and production launch.

We do intend to give a few days of warning before we remove the existing "testing" ships from inventory. Subscribe to our RSS, Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch with announcements.

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