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Vendetta Online 1.8.406-407

VO 1.8.406-407 included:

- Teller-Ulam mine ammo now no longer free in capships.
- Mine timeout lifespans increased, maximum count per user/sector also increased.
- Added a 'Local' option to the Mission Category filter that shows all missions that are local to the sector.
- New gamepad configuration menu in Options -> Advanced -> Controls -> Gamepad for Android when a gamepad is detected.
- Added an 'Insufficient Energy' warninig message when using weapons that require 400 energy or more and the power cell doesn't have enough available.
- Auto-fire and the target lead-off reticule now work when non-blaster weapons are in the primary weapon group.
- An itemized list of storage rental deductions is now displayed in the log when you are charged each week.

Some changes in here were controversial, like the cost for re-loading TU mines in capships. But, the TU mine is an exceptional case, a very powerful item whose usage was always intended to be offset by the high cost of ammo. On the upside, other mine stats, like lifespans have been bumped, to make the regular mine fields a bit more interesting.

The gamepad configuration UI should be a big benefit for players. It is being tested first on Android, specifically for GearVR and regular Android users, but will eventually be featured on the PC as well (PC is a little more complicated, due to the use of flight-sticks and the like).

Work on the new Capella-class capship and other features is still on-going. Have a great weekend, everyone.