Epic space MMORPG now smaller, harder to read!

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, December 20th 2011. Independent game developer Guild
Software, Inc has officially released Vendetta Online for Android phones.
The long-running PC MMORPG first debuted on the platform back in March, when
launched exclusively for the Motorola Xoom and other tablets. Thanks to new
support for many Android-based phones and handsets, the same action-packed
experience downloaded by over a hundred thousand tablet owners has been
distilled into an even more mobile package. An all-new "condensed" user
interface allows easy menu navigation, even on smaller screens. Other
requested features, such as joystick support and integrated voice chat, help
to round out the mobile release and bring the same features to the Android
version that players have been enjoying for years on the Mac, Windows and
Linux versions of the game.

"We're thrilled to see Vendetta Online join the world of handset gaming,"
commented John Bergman, CEO of Guild Software "Thanks to our single
universe, players can easily transition from their powerful gaming PCs to
their phones or tablets when out of the house, picking their game up where
they left off. This has been a great opportunity to witness the evolution of
social and online gaming, and the incorporation of mobile into a
traditionally PC segment."

Vendetta Online is supported on Android handsets based on NVIDIA Tegra(tm)
and Qualcomm Snapdragon(tm) processors, as well as the PowerVR SGX family of
GPUs. Android 2.2 (Froyo) or better is also required. For more specific
device requirements, see the "Vendetta Online" app description on the
Android Market. For those without Market access, an official sideload
install is also available on the Android Forum of the Vendetta Online

About Guild Software, Inc

Guild Software is an award-winning independent game developer based in
Milwaukee, WI. Founded in 1998, the company has continually pursued the
cutting edge in large-scale multiplayer environments. Developing a
completely proprietary MMO engine from scratch, these efforts culminated in
the 2002 public alpha debut and 2004 multi-platform retail launch of
Vendetta Online(tm). Guild Software continues to expand upon Vendetta
Online, using the title to further both the game and the NAOS Engine on
which it is based, striving towards the next generation in unbounded,
evolving worlds. To learn more, visit us at . 

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