We have no employment opportunities at this time.

We do occasionally offer unpaid local and "distance" internships to highly talented students, both in the Milwaukee area and afar. Due to the temporary nature of internships, we usually only offer these to people with skill sets in art, sound and music, as they can easily create content that is independent of our main development. Interns gain valuable experience in real-world game development scenarios, and if their work is used, a credit in Vendetta Online. This proof of experience and work on a real-world title can be valuable when applying for future game development jobs. Guild Software owns all rights to all assets created on our behalf, but we do permit interns to display their work as part of a portfolio or demo reel (as long as the related content is already public). As a result of demand, these internships are only extended to those with a compelling portfolio or other demonstration of ability. Interested parties with web-based, online portfolios should email john at guildsoftware dot com. Do NOT send large email attachments, and don't expect a quick response.

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